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Maloofs want voice in management of Kings after sale and will otherwise go to Anaheim, according to report

Ric Bucher (I know, I know) reports that the Maloofs want to retain a management voice in any deal to sell the Kings, and will try to resurrect the Anaheim deal if it doesn't happen.

The Maloofs, not content to ruin the Sacramento Kings over the past seven years, are looking to maintain a management voice in the franchise in any sale, reports Ric Bucher. (Grain of salt.) Bucher reports that the Maloofs' leverage in such a deal is to threaten to file for relocation to Anaheim and resurrect the Henry Samueli deal. When and if the NBA Board of Governors rejects that relocation request, the Maloofs would open up an anti-trust lawsuit attempting to force the move.

This is like a Voltron of the dystopian outcomes, right? Sacramento gets screwed, Seattle gets screwed, a market that has shown a pitifully small thirst for basketball gets rewarded and the Maloofs get bailed out for the short term. It would be such an unsatisfying outcome.

And this is the great thing: the Maloofs are getting nothing but ridicule from the NBA ownership right now! They are murdering their reputation like few other heirs could. They want this to keep going? OK then, smart guys.