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Final Score: Kings scheduled to play Miami Heat, nobody tells Kings players

The Kings were embarrassed by the Heat Saturday night, losing 128-99. Isaiah Thomas was the only Kings player who bothered showing up for the game, finishing with a career-high 34 points.


The Sacramento Kings were scheduled to play the Miami Heat Saturday night at Sleep Train Arena, but due to some sort of scheduling mix up only Isaiah Thomas showed up. The Kings were absolutely embarrassed. The final score was 128-99, but Miami rested their stars fairly early and just toyed around with the Kings. The only highlight was Isaiah. Fueled by a 21-point third quarter, Isaiah finished with a career-high 34 points, to go with five assists, two rebounds and a steal.

There really not much worth discussing about the game itself. This was an laughingstock from the start. I'm not sure if it was the team being distracted by the rumors swirling around the team, or if the team is fighting a flu outbreak, or perhaps it was the lack of Rick Ross appearances, but the Kings just weren't in it. While the Kings are nowhere near the caliber of the Heat, they should not have lost this game as badly as they did. They aren't this bad.

A few parting notes:

  • Kevin Johnson was in attendance, along with Mark Mastrov. As Akis said to me during the game, hopefully this performance doesn't dissuade him from being interested in purchasing the team.
  • Mario Chalmers also notched a career-high 34 points, and tied a Heat team record by hitting 10 threes.
  • If the Kings had held the Heat scoreless the entire fourth quarter, the Kings still would have lost 103-99.
  • Akis was at the game with his brother. When Akis and his family attend Kings games this season, the Kings have lost by a combined total of 2,584,696 to 73 (numbers estimated). I formally ban Akis and his family from attending any further games together.