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Report: Strong Indications Maloofs have not closed deal with Hansen-Ballmer

Scott Howard-Cooper reports that there are strong indications that a handshake deal between the Maloofs and Seattle's group has not happened and further that the Maloofs have not stopped talking to other potential buyers.


Scott Howard-Cooper of (and also a long time Sacramentan) has reported some new information tonight through his Twitter account.

Scoop goes on to write that there are strong indications but nothing official that the Maloofs have NOT closed a deal with the Seattle group as was reported yesterday by Matt Steinmetz. Further, the Maloofs have not ended talks with other potential buyers.

Multiple groups interested in buying the Kings and keeping them in Sacramento have stepped up in the last few days and it makes sense from a business standpoint for the Maloofs to look at all options and at the very least cause some sort of bidding war.

The City of Sacramento continues to round up investors and financing, just like Mayor Johnson said in his Press Conference the other day. At last night's Kings game against the Miami Heat, Johnson was seated with potential investor Mark Mastrov. Scoop says the city is still playing catch up to Seattle, but there's "real optimism" on the inside that Sacramento has a shot.

The Maloofs, as Scoop points out, are the wild cards here. Who knows what they're thinking at any one point. We can only hope that when they do finally come to a consensus and make a decision, it will help keep pro basketball in Sacramento. But if it doesn't, we won't just be sitting idly by.