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Downtown Plaza plan: JMA would help develop Sacramento Kings arena, investor (possibly Ron Burkle) would buy team

Details on a proposed new Sacramento Kings arena on K Street are coming out.


So here's a twist from last night: JMA Ventures, who recently bought the Downtown Plaza, is not interested in buying the Sacramento Kings, according to the Sacramento Business Journal. The firm instead has studied the feasibility of an arena on K Street with AECOM, a design firm with Barclays Center in Brooklyn in its credits. And it looks like a great fit. It's worth noting that the city and the downtown business groups preferred K Street to the Railyards all along, but Westfield (which owned the Plaza) was never helpful.

Instead of buying the team themselves, JMA would be partnering with an investment group. And who is in that investment group ...?

You've got Burkle?

Mark Mastrov has not been reported to be in the Burkle group; he said on Friday that he likes the city's Railyards arena plan. If Burkle and Anderson are instead interested in a K Street arena plan, that provides some real differentiation in the potential bids.

Kevin Johnson has mentioned the need for a unified response. I do wonder if Mastrov would be amenable to working with Burkle, Anderson and JMA for a joint bid downtown. You don't want to ask these passionate men to dilute the power of their enthusiasm. But at the same time, if the whole city gets behind the K Street plan and can raise the necessary capital to compete with Seattle, that's a best-case scenario. And lord does that stretch of the downtown core need some help.