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#HereWeBuy Night: February 9

We're going to fill up Sleep Train Arena on February 9, and we need your help. Let's do it for Sacramento.

You just watched that video, right? Kevin Fippin (who produced the piece) has you ready to run through a brick wall, right?

On February 9, the Sacramento Kings will host the Utah Jazz at Sleep Train Arena. The game will be on News 10 and NBA TV. And it's going to be loud, because we're going to fill up the arena and scream our heads off about the Here We Buy movement. In case you missed the coverage on Monday, Here We Buy is an opportunity for fans to express interest in buying season tickets in a new Sacramento Kings arena and for businesses to pledge sponsorships at a new Sacramento arena. In less than 24 hours, more than $8 million has been pledged.

Here We Buy is a non-binding pledge, but if you sign up you are agreeing to allow Sacramento Kings staff to contact you with information on season tickets when a new Sacramento arena is constructed. The same applies to businesses -- when there's a new arena, the Kings will be given the contact info and they'll follow up.

The point of Here We Buy Night is to help spread the word, keep up the momentum and make Gordon Hayward's ears bleed. (Sorry, G-Hay.) Our Here We Stay Nights in the past have been exuberant affairs; I'll never forget watching that February 28, 2011, game against the Clippers from the standing room only area, screaming my brains out and being amazed by how Sacramento had come together. Nor will I forget sharing last season's blackout game against the Thunder with section214, with the crowd almost willing the Kings -- our Kings -- to victory.

Let's do it again on February 9. Some ticket info is available here; the Kings might be running a promo at some point, too. You also have StubHub and the Kings' resale service. If you'd like to be a ticket angel, pipe up in the thread and perhaps you can connect with someone local who doesn't have the means to buy a ticket but promises to scream their head off on your behalf. If you plan on going, let's hear it. Let's go Sacramento!

And don't forget to pledge your support for Here We Buy.