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Kevin Johnson: Sacramento will be allowed to present to NBA Board of Governors

At the State Of Downtown Breakfast, Kevin Johnson addressed the media and the current state of Sacramento's efforts to keep the Kings. The biggest news was the confirmation that Sacramento will be allowed present to the NBA's Board of Governors.


Kevin Johnson addressed the media Tuesday morning as part of the State of Downtown Breakfast. He addressed the city's efforts to keep the Kings, and revealed the huge news that David Stern will allow the Mayor to address the NBA Board of Governors and plead Sacramento's case.

Thanks to various friends-of-StR, here are the choice bits:

That last quote is the money quote. While David Stern had previously stated that Sacramento deserved an opportunity, the league was under no obligation to allow Mayor Johnson to present. It's a big step for that presentation opportunity to already be approved. Johnson has remained very quiet about what he has planned, but given his history of success with the Board of Governors, there's definite reason for some measure of optimism after this.