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Amick: Kevin Johnson won't give up

Prior to Kevin Johnson addressing the media Tuesday morning, Sam Amick published an informative look at Kevin Johnson gearing up for another fight and the seemingly logic-defying confidence in Sacramento.

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Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Sam Amick has a nice piece up for USA Today regarding the current state of the Kings and Sacramento's continued fight to save the team. I suggest reading the whole article, as there a plenty of interesting pieces included.

Amick pulls no punches regarding the likelihood of the Kings leaving, saying that "every conceivable factor falls in Seattle's favor", but he's also quick to point out that "people in the know here continued to swear that this story may not end with the Seattle Sonics being born again at the expense of Sacramento." The reason for the continued optimism, Amick says, is because of Kevin Johnson. And Amick is right. As KJ demonstrated once again with this morning's address, he has a way of inspiring Kings fans to never give up.

Amick also clarifies a few pieces of the puzzle that were hotly debated around here yesterday. Regarding the amount Sacramento would need to come up with for a counter-offer, Amick says:

A Yahoo! Sports report on Monday revealed that just 65 percent of the Kings was part of the Seattle proposal, with 53 percent belonging to the Maloofs and 12 percent to Bob Hernreich. Because it had already been reported that a deal was agreed in principle with Seattle, the news, surprisingly, came as a relief to some local organizers who now see a much smaller figure as the target. For example, a 65 percent portion of the $525 million valuation of the Kings is $341 million – much lower than the $425 to $450 million Johnson estimated he'd need to raise on Friday.

If Sacramento's target is around or under $350 million, it is much easier to see how a locally-based ownership group could make such an offer. We didn't consider it impossible for a local group to offer that $425-$450 million range, so a lower target is just more good news.