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AEG's Tim Leiweke re-affirms commitment to Sacramento Kings arena deal

Tim Leiweke, the head of mammoth arena operator AEG, confirms his firm is still engaged on a potential downtown Sacramento arena deal if it will keep the Kings from moving.

Kevork Djansezian

Dale Kasler of the Sacramento Bee connected with AEG head Tim Leiweke, who is in town to celebrate the L.A. Kings' Stanley Cup victory with Southland legislators. Guess what? Leiweke and AEG are still down to help build and operate an arena downtown because Leiweke and AEG believe in Sacramento.

"We haven't changed our opinion about Sacramento or the arena," he said.

He added that NBA Commissioner David Stern and Johnson asked him to re-engage on the arena issue. He planned to meet with the mayor this week.

"To the commissioner's credit, I don't think he ever forgot about Sacramento," he said. He said Stern, whom he's known for decades, doesn't like to relocate franchises.

Darn near $12 million pledges in season tickets at a new arena. Fifty local businesses pledging to pursue sponsorships with the team under new ownership. Eight thousand signatures on a petition asking the NBA to let Sacramento match. Multiple local investors coming out of the woodwork to express interest.

Sacramento, brothers and dames. SACRAMENTO.

Other news in Kasler's piece: a rep of Ron Burkle inquired about purchasing the 7 percent stake in the team that ended up in bankruptcy court after minority owner Bob Cook went broke. The bankruptcy trustee said the Hansen-Ballmer group and another local investor that shall not be named also inquired on it, and that the stake will go out to auction in a couple of months.