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Stern: "No purchase and sale agreement has been submitted to us"

In a press conference in London, NBA commissioner David Stern speaks a little bit about the Sacramento situation.

Patrick McDermott

David Stern, speaking at a press conference in London in advance of the New York Knicks - Detroit Pistons game taking place over there, answered some questions to reporters about the Sacramento Kings situation.

Please note that this news that there has been no formal deal submitted to the NBA does not contradict Adrian Wojnarowski's recent report that the NBA relocation committee was briefed on non-binding deal points for a potential sale.

Looking at Stern's other comments, I would say it's a good thing that, once again, Sacramento has been depicted in a positive light by the Commissioner. The more support we have from the league, the better our chance is of saving our team.

UPDATE 12:15 PM: has now put up video of Stern talking a little bit about the Kings situation.