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Tyreke Evans injury update: Tyreke rejoining Kings, not expected to play on road trip

The second opinion on Tyreke Evans' knee confirmed the Kings diagnosis and rehabilition plan, per a team announcement. Tyreke will rejoin the team, and is expected to play next week.


Sacramento Kings guard Tyreke Evans received a second opinion on his knee from Dr. Steve Lombardo, who agreed with the team's diagnosis and treatment plan, per a team release. According to the Kings, Tyreke will meet up with the team in Toronto (the Kings face the Raptors on Friday) and continue rehabbing his knee, but is not expected to play on the current road trip. The release says Tyreke is expected to return to action during next week's 5-game home stand.

The home stand kicks off on Monday, Jan 7 against the Memphis Grizzlies. That would be the earliest we might expect to see Tyreke in action. However, the release does not specify a specific game, just that the team is targeting some time during the home stand. We've seen other targeted return dates, only to see Tyreke continue to sit, so nothing is official until he's actually back.

It's positive news that the team's diagnosis was confirmed. A major concern as the injury continues to linger would be a missed diagnosis which could prolong the recovery period.

In other injury news, Jason Jones reported that Marcus Thornton is still in a walking boot.