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Charlie Villanueva fined, not suspended, for elbow on Isaiah Thomas

The Pistons' Charlie Villanueva was fined $25,000 for his elbow on the Kings' Isaiah Thomas Tuesday night. Two Kings have been suspended this season for reckless swings.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

On Tuesday, Isaiah Thomas got into the lane, and Charlie Villanueva gave I.T. an elbow and forearm to the face. GIF via Mike Prada.

No play on the ball. A pretty nasty play, all told. But Isaiah was no worse for the wear.

Villanueva was booted with a Flagrant-2. But the NBA announced today the Pistons forward wouldn't be suspended for the hit. Instead, he earned a $25,000 fine. That's probably the right call.

Isaiah, for what it's worth, got up in C.V.'s face and looked like he wanted to box him before being removed from the situation. No punishment for I.T., thank goodness.