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Kevin Johnson: Sacramento's still going to the NBA to save the Kings

After news of the Sacramento Kings sale to the Seattle group broke (again), Kevin Johnson tweeted out words of encouragement.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

So late Sunday, just about every NBA reporter on the planet broke news that the Maloofs signed a deal with the Seattle folks to sell their 65 percent of the franchise for $340 million, for a $525 million valuation. It was the other shoe we knew would be dropping at some point.

Kevin Johnson reminds us that it's not over.

Everyone knew a deal would be done before Sacramento made its case to the Board of Governors. Nothing reported today changes that. Woj reports that the relocation committee approval will be a formality? Okay, but there's no relocation until there's a formal sale. And that takes the full Board of Governors. And they'll be hearing from KJ on April 18.