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Gavin Maloof releases statement on sale of Sacramento Kings, doesn't mention Sacramento

Gavin Maloof has finally spoken about the sale of the Sacramento Kings.

Finally, Eric Rose, Gavin Maloof and the Evil Empire has released a meaningful statement about the sale of the Sacramento Kings.

The Maloof family announced today that an executed purchase and sale agreement has been reached to sell the family's interest in the National Basketball Association (NBA) Sacramento Kings to a group led by investor Chris Hansen. The transaction requires approval by the NBA's Board of Governors and therefore no comments or details regarding the agreement will be released.

"We have always appreciated and treasured our ownership of the Kings and have had a great admiration for the fans and our team members. We would also like thank Chris Hansen for his professionalism during our negotiation. Chris will be a great steward for the franchise," said Gavin Maloof, Kings co-owner speaking on behalf of the Maloof family.

Nice quote, Gavin. Sacramento really appreciates you mentioning Sacramento. Oh wait ...

Sactown Royalty's official response:

We're all so glad to know that Chris Hansen was professional during negotiations and will be a great steward for the franchise you're ripping from our hands. Also, Gavin, go f--k a front door.