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Chris Webber, 'Inside The NBA' crew stands by Sacramento Kings

TNT discussed the Seattle news Monday night. Chris Webber, Kenny Smith and Shaq all stood by Sacramento.

Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

After TNT's MLK Jr. Day broadcast, Inside The NBA discussed the sale of the Sacramento Kings to the Seattle group led by Chris Hansen. You'll be unsurprised to know that Chris Webber and Kenny Smith stood staunchly by Sacramento. From Jon Santiago's Cowbell Kingdom transcript, Webber said:

The paperwork is in like you said, but that just means the paperwork is in. It doesn't mean anything else. You know, it's funny. I've been hearing a lot of criticism everybody saying ‘Why everybody keep fighting? Just let it go, just let it go.' Well if you're in Atlanta, what if you were going to lose the Hawks? If you're in Orlando, you wouldn't let it (the Magic) go. You're gonna fight 'til the end. A few of us are going to do that as well.

The Jet's best line:

When the Sacramento Kings, when I was there, we win 29-30 games - that was a successful season. And it would be packed from start to finish. You couldn't get a seat. They used to sell tickets, scalp tickets outside (for) a team that couldn't win .500 at the time.

Shaq was also supportive. We'll link video if it becomes available; Jon has the audio at CK. Go check it out.

UPDATE: Video.