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Jimmer Fredette: NBA All-Star

SB Nation's NBA blogs are all running All-Star themed posts today, telling why their players should make the All-Star team. But c'mon, this is the Kings, so let's just talk about Jimmer for a while.

Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

Today SB Nation's NBA blogs are exploring the All-Star game. We're talking about who on our rosters should be on the All-Star roster, or what it would take to reach the All-Star game. The most likely Sacramento Kings player to eventually land on an All-Star roster is DeMarcus Cousins, but the recent change in how line-ups are selected hinders his chances. Whereas voting was previously restricted based on two guards, two forwards and a center, the voting is now based on two guards and three front-court players. This distinction hurts DeMarcus, as center has always been a thin position. Eventually DeMarcus could still reach the All-Star game, but he'll need to elevate his game, avoid trouble on the court, and make a very compelling case. We could examine this in further detail, but as it's several years away I'm just going to talk about Jimmer Fredette instead.

Despite what some Jimmer fans may tell you, he has not played well enough for consideration in the actual All-Star game. But All-Star weekend is about more than just the big game. Jimmer could be considered for the Rookie-Sophomore game, but it would be a stretch. No, Jimmer is a natural fit for one event and one event only. Jimmer Fredette should be in the three point contest.

Among qualified players, Jimmer currently ranks 9th in the NBA in three point shooting percentage. He's hitting 43% of his shots from beyond the arc this year (fun side note, last season Isaiah Thomas led the Kings shooting .379 from three). Jimmer was known as a three-point shooter coming out of college, and has shot well this season. It should be a no-brainer.

So why might Jimmer still be left out? Minutes and attempts. We know Jimmer hasn't seen significant or consistent playing time this year (thanks, Coach!), so his numbers may get dismissed as a fluke. He also has the second-fewest attempts out of anyone in the top 10 in three-point attempts. However, he has more attempts than the league-leader in three point percentage, Matt Bonner. If the league gives in to the #LetBonnerShoot movement, they need to invite Jimmer as well.