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Mayor Johnson to Hold 2 P.M. Press Conference to Discuss Large Equity Partners

A day after revealing 19 local investors, Mayor Johnson has called another press conference, this time to discuss the "whale".

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Another day, another press conference.

After yesterday's conference in which 19 local investors were revealed to have pledged $1 million to keep the Kings in Sacramento, reports began leaking out to the media that Ron Burkle and Mark Mastrov were in serious talks to collaborate as the large equity partner, or "whale" that the city was looking for. Mayor Johnson did say he had hoped to be able to announce the large equity partner by the end of the week.

It looks like by the end of the week may just mean today, as Nick Monacelli of News10 reports that the Mayor has called another press conference, this time to discuss the large equity partners. While Burkle and Mastrov seem to be the clear frontrunners, reports did indicate that the city was in discussions with three other potential investors.

Sactown Royalty will again be live tweeting the presser, and we will have links to streams as soon as they become available. Given that the Press Conference is at 2 p.m., also feel free to use this as an open thread.

Live Streams:

CBS Sports 1140 live stream (Click the "listen live" button on the right) live stream live stream

UPDATE 12:41 PM: