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Q&A with Welcome To Loud City

In preparation for Friday's game against the Thunder, Greg sat down for a chat with J.A. Sherman of Welcome To Loud City. Given the history of the Thunder franchise, we focused heavily on the current situation of the Sacramento Kings.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

In anticipation of Friday's game between the Sacramento Kings and Oklahoma City Thunder, I sat down Thursday night for a discussion with J.A. Sherman of Welcome To Loud City, SB Nation's wonderful Thunder blog. Considering how the Thunder came to exist, we focused out conversation on the current situation with the Kings and the city of Sacramento.

If you've been reading every article over the past two weeks, this will be a high-level overview. If you haven't been reading every article, this serves as a nice, easy way to catch up on where we're at and what's been going on. Also, if you haven't been reading every article, what's wrong with you? Ziller and Akis have been writing their (small market big) hearts out, and the comment sections have been incredible.

Please forgive me, as there a few dates and dollar amounts that I may have gotten slightly wrong as I was speaking off the cuff. Hopefully I didn't get anything terribly off. If I did, I'm sure you'll let me know.