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Kings lose to Thunder 105-95, but ...

The Thunder, as expected, beat the Kings on Friday. But the fans were excellent.

Ezra Shaw

Instead of breaking down the Thunder's 105-95 win over the Kings on Friday fully, let's run through five good things from the game.

1. The crowd. More than 15,000 in attendance despite everything that's going on. And they were loud, too. And Darren Rovell got bombed with photographic proof. (Of course, he still didn't retract his comment. Because, you know, he's awful.)



3. The first quarter. Well, the first part of the first quarter. The Kings began the game on fire on both ends, totally disrupting the Thunder and forcing turnovers and getting good shots at the other end. Sacramento had an early 14-point lead. But Kevin Martin chipped away at it, and then Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant took over. But for about eight minutes there, it looked like a Kings blowout!

4. Tyreke Evans continues to look good. He had 16 points on 6-11 shooting, with four rebounds and three assists. Sacramento's best player of the game, despite Jason Thompson looking like a world beater in the first quarter.

5. Forcing turnovers. The Thunder coughed up 20, and that really helped the Kings offense in the first quarter. That needs to happen more. Marcus Thornton had four steals, and DeMarcus Cousins had three. We need our point guards to disrupt passing lanes, too.


Game tonight at Denver. Game thread will be along at 6 p.m. Pacific.