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Bankruptcy trustee may sue Maloofs over right of first refusal in Sacramento Kings sale

The trustee handling Bob Cook's bankruptcy, which includes a 7 percent stake in the Sacramento Kings, has asked a judge to expand the contract law firm working on behalf of him to include potential claims related to the proposed sale of the team.

By Rojer Wisner from C.H.,CA, USA (South Side Shinning Uploaded by xnatedawgx) [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

So on Thursday at 10 a.m. David Flemmer, a trustee in charge of former Sacramento Kings minority owner Bob Cook's bankruptcy proceeding, will ask a judge to expand the scope of the work that the law firm working the case will do. That expansion, according to the motion filed by Flemmer on Tuesday?

Representation of the Cook Estate with regard to investigation and analysis of the Cook Estate’s rights, and potential filing of possible claims, arising from or related to the executed Purchase and Sale Agreement for the "transfer of a controlling interest in the Sacramento Kings" ...

In an application to have the matter heard today, Flemmer cites the reports that the NBA is already vetting the purchase agreement as reason there's no time to waste. It's reasonable to think that if the judge does accept the motion, a move to block the sale -- even temporarily -- could be coming quickly.

Surely, Chris Hansen will send someone to the court this morning. ... Right?