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Meet the NBA finance committee

The committee that will review the sale of the Sacramento Kings to Chris Hansen includes 10 NBA owners. Four are from small markets.

Patrick McDermott

I do solemnly swear that this post will contain only information and not interpretation, speculation, extrapolation or jubilation.

Per the league office, this is the make-up of the NBA's advisory/finance committee, which will review the two bids to purchase the Sacramento Kings in the coming months.

Peter Holt, Spurs
Clay Bennett, Thunder
Micky Arison, Heat
Jerry Buss, Lakers
Jim Dolan, Knicks
Wyc Grousbeck, Celtics
Robert Sarver, Suns
Herb Simon, Pacers
Larry Tanenbaum, Raptors
Glen Taylor, Timberwolves

In case you're curious, this is the relocation committee.

Ted Leonsis, Wizards
Greg Miller, Jazz

I promised no extrapolation, but note that four of the 10 finance committee members represent small markets, and five of the seven relocation committee members represent small markets. I refuse to speculate whether that is good or bad for Sacramento; I know that it simply is. I do look forward to your speculation, however.