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Maloofs' Virginia Beach arena deal lives or dies on Monday

We'll find out today whether the Maloofs' bid to get a free arena built for them in Virginia Beach will move forward or die.

Virginia Beach mayor Will Sessoms said last week that he has given a deadline of today -- Monday, January 7 -- for a deal to be reached between Comcast-Spectacor and A MYSTERY NBA TEAM that is totally the Sacramento Kings. Virginia Beach is trying to build the mystery NBA team that is totally the Sacramento Kings a free arena. But Virginia Beach needs the help of the state of Virginia. Virginia Beach is prepared to again ask the state for $150 million, much of which would help pay relocation costs for the mystery NBA team, including losses incurred by playing the next two seasons in tiny arenas in Virginia while the new gym was constructed. But before Virginia Beach goes hat in hand to the statehouse, Sessoms wants to be able to bring a deal signed between Comcast-Spectactor and the mystery NBA team.

The Maloofs enjoy being only officially a mystery team. Chances are that once they reach agreement with Comcast, the mystery will officially be gone, and the scene in Sacramento will get ugly. (Well, uglier.) The Kings have a lot of home games left, you know.

But word is that Sessoms went public with a deadline because he (and possibly Comcast) are getting impatient with the Maloofs, who -- SHOCKING NEWS ALERT -- are dragging their feet and quibbling over details. Dear Mayor Sessoms, a quick word of advice: you haven't seen nothing yet. Seriously. This is life with the Maloofs. Ask KJ. Ask Heather Fargo.

So we'll find out within the day whether there is actually any chance of Virginia Beach happening or not. This Nostradumbass predicts "no, no chance." We'll see.