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Kings had conversations with Grizzlies about Rudy Gay

The Memphis Commercial Appeal reports that the Sacramento Kings recently had preliminary talks with the Memphis Grizzlies about acquiring Small Forward Rudy Gay.


One of the biggest names swirling around as potential trade targets this season is that of Memphis Grizzlies Small Forward Rudy Gay. Rumor has it that the Grizzlies, under new ownership and management, want to create a bit more salary flexibility while remaining competitive. According to ShamSports, Memphis is currently about $4 million over the luxury tax line. Gay is slated to make $16.5 million this season and about $37.2 million over the next two seasons.

Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! reported today that the Grizzlies and Suns are currently engaged in trade talks for Gay centered around a package of Jared Dudley and draft picks. The Memphis Commercial Appeal then followed up to add that the Sacramento Kings had also had "preliminary talks" with the Grizzlies but did not mention specifics. The Golden State Warriors have also been mentioned in other reports, but Memphis has balked at the Warriors' insistence that they take Richard Jefferson's contract back in any trade.

While I definitely can see why the Kings would be interested in acquiring Rudy Gay, the player, I find it especially hard to fathom the Maloofs acquiring Rudy Gay, the contract. Gay is a good player, probably very good, but he's not a bona-fide star despite making bona-fide star money.

Any trade for Gay from Sacramento's side would likely be centered around Tyreke Evans (a young player with a lot of upside) and Francisco Garcia (a wing that can help Memphis now and is an expiring contract). Memphis is also in need of some depth behind Mike Conley as well and would probably seek to add either Aaron Brooks or Isaiah Thomas. I left Jimmer Fredette off because of a recent report by Sam Amick, in which he says that the Kings have made it known that Fredette is unavailable, along with DeMarcus Cousins.

The NBA Trade Deadline is Feb. 21st. While I doubt the Kings will acquire Rudy Gay, they definitely look to be active up to and around the deadline.