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Kings to Seattle rumors already beginning

Buckle up: rumors that the Maloofs have agreed to sell the Kings to Seattle investors are already rampant, thanks to a ... uh ... food critic whose dad happens to be an NBA super agent?

So it didn't even take 24 hours from the moment Virginia Beach poured dirt on itself as a relocation target for the Sacramento Kings that our first major Seattle freakout commenced. Late Tuesday, Daina Falk -- daughter of NBA agent David Falk, who represented Mike Bibby, Michael Jordan and others -- tweeted the following.

About 300 people, including media, retweeted the first one. So this is A Thing. No doubt reporters will follow up. If it's false, there will be more. Lots more.

It's hard for me to figure out exactly how to approach the whole thing. On the one hand, the second the Maloofs admit the team is up for sale, that's when resolution begins. That's what why all want at this point, right? Resolution? Personally, I'd love to see Kevin Johnson get a chance to pursue his arena plan with anyone before he leaves office. Time is ticking.

As we've been saying for, oh, a few years now: stay tuned.


(Personal attacks on the rumor starter will not be tolerated.)

Thanks to J.R. 50 for the FanShot.