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Bruski: Kings to Seattle not a done deal yet

Aaron Bruski reports that the sale of the Sacramento Kings to Seattle may not be a done deal, and that Sacramento bidders could come into play.

Jed Jacobsohn

When Adrian Wojnarowski breaks news, as he did this morning when he reported the Sacramento Kings were being sold to Chris Hansen's Seattle-based ownership group, it's generally a done deal. But Pro Basketball Talk's Aaron Bruski says the deal is not quite done. Kings fans may have a glimmer of hope left after all.

The money quote:

Indeed, sources close to the situation told PBT that there are still many hurdles for this deal to overcome, and that Sacramento still has willing, reputable buyers ready to meet or beat Hansen’s offer in order to keep the franchise in town.

Kings fans have overcome a lot, and it's seemed like the team was gone before. Is it possible that the city has one last miracle left in it? The greatest hope at this point seems to be that the Maloofs might find themselves in a bidding war, or that the league itself might force the Maloofs to give a Sacramento bidder a chance to match Seattle's offer.

In addition, Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson tweeted the following:

We'll continue to update this Story Stream as more information becomes known.