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Here We Stay Petition to NBA

NBA Commissioner David Stern: Allow a Sacramento buyer to match any offer on the Sacramento Kings and give Seattle an expansion team.

Here We Stay has launched a petition aimed at the NBA commissioner David Stern with the primary focus of allowing potential buyers interested in keeping the Kings in Sacramento the opportunity to match any offer made by the Seattle Group. The petition also adds that it would like to see Seattle be granted an expansion team.

Here We Stay's aim is to get 17,317 signatures (full capacity at ARCO/Power Balance/Sleep Train). Please sign it and share with your friends and family.

This fight isn't over until it's over. We've lost our team once and kept our team once, only to find out that things have changed soon after. This latest threat has been the most real, but Kings fans have shown throughout these past 28 years that they're among the best in the NBA and will not give up so easily. Let's keep proving to the world that that is still the case.

Here. We. Stay.