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Report: Maloofs Rejected Seattle Offer?

Steven Large of CBS 13 says the Maloofs have rejected Seattle's offer.

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The rollercoaster keeps going. After numerous reports this morning that the Kings were about to be sold to Chris Hansen's Seattle Group for a record $500 million, we've seen a bit of hedging being done, although no flat denials. According to USA Today the NBA has informed owners in a memo not to comment on the Sacramento situation and the NBA itself refused to comment. The USA Today article also reported that the Kings' minority owners have not been notified of a sale, something that is required.

Now this from Steven Large of CBS 13:

If true, that'd be a huge shock. $500 million is more money than I would have ever expected the Kings to sell for. This definitely isn't the last we've heard of the situation, and Large is the only one currently reporting this.

We also have this from a radio host in Seattle:

This is far from over, either way. I'd take anything we hear over the next few days with a grain of salt.