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Brendan Malone Resigns from Sacramento Kings Coaching Staff

In a surprising turn of events, the Kings announced that Assistant Coach Brendan Malone is resigning. Chris Jent will become the lead assistant in Malone's place.

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The Sacramento Kings today announced the resignation of lead assistant Brendan Malone.  Malone is the father of head coach Michael Malone and has been coaching in the NBA for 27 years.

Per the Kings press release:

"As a veteran of 27 seasons in the NBA coaching ranks, Brendan brought a wealth of experience and knowledge to our organization, and we were all fortunate to have had an opportunity to work with him," said Kings General Manager Pete D’Alessandro. "His departure is not indicative of a loss of passion for the game or his desire to help our franchise succeed, but rather a decision based on factors associated with the rigors of coaching in the NBA."

"I’m thankful that I had my father on our staff during the summer and throughout training camp as I transitioned into a head coaching role," said Michael Malone. "He was my father long before we became colleagues, and while I’ll miss his presence on the bench, he will always be an invaluable source of counsel on all matters basketball and otherwise."

Chris Jent will take Malone's place as lead assistant.

Losing someone with Malone's experience in the league is unfortunate but it sounds like this was a decision that will benefit Malone the most in the long run.

Plus, he'll have plenty of time to practice his dancing now.

Best of luck to Brendan Malone.

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