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Mail Sac Thursday: 2 many 2 guards, opening night fan plans

Mail Sac Returns!

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From Steve: "With the clock ticking will the Kings make a trade before the season opens? They have too many shooting two guards."

While I agree that there is a bit of a logjam at shooting guard (in width if not in depth), I don't see the Kings pulling the trigger on a deal prior to October 30. Here's my "thinking" as to why, with the hope that this posts before a trade is announced:

There are four players on the roster that can log time at shooting guard: Marcus Thornton, Ben McLemore, Jimmer Fredette, and Johnny Salmons (add Isaiah Thomas if you envision a Vasquez/Thomas back court).

You can immediately cross Thornton off the list for now, unless you are willing to take bad contract back in return (I have mentioned the likes of Gerald Wallace and Kendrick Perkins in thread conversations). Teams near, at, or over the cap can't afford him, and teams that are clearing cap space wouldn't want him and his 2 year, $16.9m contract. The Kings could more easily move Thornton if they attached Isaiah Thomas or Greivis Vasquez to a deal, but I don't believe that the Kings are at a point where they would sacrifice assets to move Thornton.

The Kings aren't trading Ben McLemore for anything less than a franchise-altering talent. This is the kid that new ownership and management wanted, and it would take something considerable to get the Kings to even listen.

Jimmer Fredette is slated to earn $2.4m this year, so there is no financial urgency in moving him. Further, he appears to be the consummate teammate, so the Kings don't have to be concerned with him becoming a malcontent. His current value is probably that of a 2nd round draft pick, so it's really not worthwhile to deal him if that is the bounty.

Johnny Salmons would be a bit more movable than Thornton, given that he has only a $1m buyout next season. But he really isn't clogging things up at shooting guard, and he is (somewhat unfortunately) needed to log at least some minutes at small forward (note - I say "unfortunately" because Salmons is really, really not a small forward).

I believe that the Kings team that you see at the end of the year could be a bit different from the team that you see right now. I could envision various scenarios that would have any one or a combination of Jason Thompson, Chuck Hayes, Patrick Patterson, Salmons, Thornton, Fredette, Vasquez and perhaps even Thomas moving by the deadline. But unless a homerun deal miraculously presents itself early on, the Kings will ride with what they have for the first few months in the name of establishing consistency and continuity.


Pick & Droll courtesy of LaBradford (paraphrasing): What are people's plans for next week's home opener (10/30)? Is anyone tailgating, and if so, if there a particular parking lot location? Perhaps some photo opportunities that we can then share at StR?

Feel free to use the thread to discuss your plans. The when and the where, etc. Also, if you are not attending the game, what are your plans for viewing? Staying in? Going out? Hard to believe, but it's less than a week away...SAC-RA-MEN-TO Kings basketball, 2013-14!!!


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