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Jimmer Fredette decision unlikely to be made before Thursday

Kings GM Pete D'Alessandro discussed the Jimmer decision with Cowbell Kingdom.


Our friend Jonathan Santiago over at Cowbell Kingdom talked with Kings general manager Pete D'Alessandro about upcoming deadlines for NBA transactions, including Thursday's deadline to pick up the 2014-15 option on Jimmer Fredette's rookie deal. Here's what Pete D had to say.

We haven't made a decision on that yet. [...] We have until Thursday, so we'll have an internal process and conversation and come to a decision. Obviously, we'll have to do it by then. I would think probably we'll take our time up until the deadline.

Regardless, Jimmer is on the team now. This has more to do with what D'Alessandro and company see as Fredette's long-term future with the club. The information available isn't going to change much between now and Thursday; there's exactly one game and probably another practice or two in that span. But there's no reason to make the decision earlier than you have to. And I wouldn't be surprised if D'Alessandro were talking to other teams about Jimmer and potential trades.

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