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A message from Craig Amazeen, former Kings Senior Vice President of Broadcasting, Digital and Brand Development.


"Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies."  - Andy Dufresne (Shawshank Redemption)

For the last 10 years of my life, this mantra was the foundation for my body of work with the Sacramento Kings. Very few of you know who I am, or what I did. I was the Ghost who led the invisible teams (broadcasting, digital, entertainment, etc) responsible for creating and capturing the iconic moments that mean so much to us all. Love Song. Both Rallies. Vlade and Webb's tributes. Blackouts.The Shield of Defiance. "Long Live the Kings". Etc.

Today, I am no longer part of the Kings. For the first time in over a decade, I will not ‘physically' be part of opening night, which will be both strange and cathartic. Like most of you, I will be watching, cheering, crying and reveling in this historic night from my own platinum seats (aka my couch) at home. And as this season, this week, and this night unfolds, I can't help but think about HOPE and what it means to this city, this fan base and most importantly the future of the franchise.

So with that being said, humor me as I hope out loud...and ask that you do the same. For Hope is a good thing...and no good thing ever dies.

I hope the longest and loudest ovation EVER is for David Stern.
I hope the Mayor signed the LLTK banner.
I hope Sign Lady is least in spirit. #loveforsignlady
I hope this is the first victory of a 50 win, playoff season.
I hope Demarcus looks back on tonight as the first game of the rest of his life.
I hope Michael Malone has the Fortitude to withstand all the cooks in his kitchen. 
I hope Isaiah stays paranoid and earns the respect he deserves.
I hope the same unyielding effort and energy that defines this region will define this team.
I hope the first chant of "SAC-RA-MEN-TO" lasts for 48 minutes.
I hope we get a feel for what the new arena will feel like. 
I hope the promise of "This is YOUR team" is never forgotten.
I hope Shaq has a more pressing engagement...permanently.
I hope the Goon Squad extends to section 215. 
I hope Crown Downtown is visibly and audibly in full force.
I hope the local owners (like Dale Carlsen and Kevin Nagle) get their due respect and recognition.
I hope I hear G-Man say, "He's got the bucket!"...a million times.
I hope Grant and Jerry cry...again.
I hope we all get triple goosebumps when @AnnouncerScott screams "And Now..."
I hope the Purple Glow during intros can be seen from the Space Needle.
I hope all the former players who wore the Kings mark with Honor and Prestige relish that they still have a place to call home...forever.
I hope Sacramento will remember what it took to make this night happen...#ForeverPurple

Long Live HOPE...And...Long Live the SACRAMENTO Kings. 
Craig Amazeen
Former SVP of Broadcasting, Digital and Brand Development for Your Sacramento Kings