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Kings Individual Ticket Sales Begin on October 10th Along With "Top-10" Game Pack

For those of you who have not purchased whole or partial season tickets, individual tickets are set to go on sale this Thursday.

Jed Jacobsohn

In yet another sign that Sacramento Kings regular season basketball is almost upon us, the Kings announced today that individual game tickets would be going on sale beginning at 10 a.m. this Thursday, October 10th.

Along with individual game tickets, the Kings are also offering what they are calling the "Top-10" pack featuring some of the biggest games of the year as well as various theme nights.  The games in this pack are as follows:

Top-10 games:

October 30 vs. Denver Nuggets ("Long Live the Kings" Home Opener, Purpleout, purple T-shirts, commemorative pins, purple glow sticks)

November 1 vs. Los Angeles Clippers (Blackout, fans and team in black)

November 15 vs. Detroit Pistons (Nationally televised on ESPN, New Era. New Swagger.)

November 29 vs. Los Angeles Clippers (Black Friday Storm, black winter scarves)

December 1vs. Golden State Warriors (Purple Reign, purple noisemakers replicating the sound of pounding rain)

December 3 vs. Oklahoma City Thunder (Thunder vs. Thunder, LED thunder sword noisemakers)

December 6 vs. Los Angeles Lakers (Winter Whiteout, white T-shirts, holiday giveaways)

December 27 vs. Miami Heat (Kings welcome the 2013 NBA Champions)

February 19 vs. Golden State Warriors (I-80 Series continues, Sacramento poster)

April 2 vs. Los Angeles Lakers (Bollywood vs. Hollywood, Bollywood-themed entertainment, multi-colored rally towels)


As a reminder, we are also hosting Sactown Royalty Night on November 15th.  We've already sold a whopping 727 tickets as of our last count.  If you want to join us for the game, post-game picture, and meet-and-greet with a member of the Kings to be determined, you can still get your tickets now before the general public by going to this link and using offer code str.  The remaining tickets are just $10 each, so you can't get much better value than that.