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StR Night I: Ticket Donation thread

We're having Sactown Royalty Night at the Sleep Train on November 15. ESPN will be there. 727 StR and StR-curious fans will be there. Help send a few more.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Something Sactown Royalty has a lot of is ex-pat Sacramentans. The Kings have a global fanbase thanks to heroes like Walt Williams, Olden Polynice and Jason Williams, and there are a lot of fans who just can't make it to games with any regularity but still support the team vigorously.

Last year, for the Here We Buy game we opened up a thread in which folks who wanted to help send Kings fans to games and fans who wanted to attend but couldn't afford it paired off and made magic. (It's like a key party, with one critical alteration.) So how this works is that if you're a fan who'd like to send an StRer to StR Night on November 15 against Detroit, you can post here in this thread and say, "Hey! I'll buy two tickets. Who wants them?" Or if you're a fan who can't peel off the cash for games but would like to attend, you can post here and say, "Hey, I'd really like to go! Can someone help me out? I'll be loud!"

This is on the honor system. If we find out anyone takes tickets from a fellow member and no-shows or resells them, we will not be pleased. In 2011 when we did the first Here We Stay, we had donors give money, used the money to buy a block of 80 or so tickets, took requests for those tickets and then had some of those requesters no-show. I was furious. That's why we do it this way. If you ask for help and don't get it, don't take it personal. Donors might want to give only to longtime StR members to ensure the tickets will be used properly. But you'll never know if you don't ask.

For the ticket-buyers, the group rate is available through this link with the promo code str. The tickets are best available upper deck tickets for $10, which is an outrageous good deal. The game, again, is November 15. Let's go.