Isaiah Thomas vs. Greivis Vasquez

I know this discussion has probably been had multiple times and there have been all kinds of debates but after reading some of the post game comments in regards to the PGs, i felt obligated to defend Isaiah Thomas since it seems like no one else would; I won't denote stats to this point as it's too early and the numbers haven't settled the way they will in the next few months. Greivis Vasquez, who was brought in to be a facilitator-first play-making point guard has obviously struggled. Now i understand his injury and the time off and such but this has been ridiculous. To this point, as the starter playing 27 min a game, he's averaging 4.2 assists. While this number is sure to improve (or so we hope), it is unacceptable.

The first game of the year against the Nuggets was far and away his best game in terms of scoring and just having a good all around game but the past few games have been dismal. His biggest issue has been his defense. I think his play making and shooting will improve but his defensive shortcomings aren't going to go away. He really struggles with ultra quick guards and has almost single-handedly been the reason why teams take big leads on us early on. The opposing team's starter consistently blows by him making DMC or someone else having to come over and help which puts them in a bad position and gets them into foul trouble. EVERY team's starting PG has penetrated way too easily and it's hurting us.

Enter Isaiah Thomas, (averaging 5.2 apg) the guy expected to come in and shoot us back into the game. Whether it's scoring 30 points on 10 shots or getting into Chris Paul defensively, we count on him to make up for the shortcomings of the starters. Now don't get me wrong, Thornton and Salmons are horrible and PPat hasn't contributed much, but individually, defensively as well as offensively, IT is the superior player. Everyone will reference Greivis season last year with more than 9 apg. I'd argue that in Ryan Anderson and Anthony Davis, he is able to get 'easy' assists, as in Anthony Davis being a great finisher and pick and pop player, and Ryan Anderson leading the league in 3 pointers made.

With the overall offensive shortcomings on the roster as a whole, a pass first point guard on a team full of players that can't buy a shot just isn't going to cut it. Couple that with the defensive struggles he has and the holes we are constantly in to begin the game, and i just can't see how anything is going to change. Lastly, as far as Isaiah goes, all the guy does is produce and do what he's asked and beat out the competition he has. The whole nonsense about him not passing the ball; do you guys watch the game? I mean no disrespect, but the lineups that he is in with have no one that is capable of scoring. He also, doesn't have any gripes with Ben McLemore contrary to popular belief. Is he trigger happy sometimes? Sure. But he can light it up and he keeps us in games and gets us back into them. As far as i'm concerned, the only players on the team currently worth anything are Thomas, Cousins and McLemore. Vasquez is a nice guy to have in the locker room, but with this team, i don't see it happening. On a team with talented scorers and shooters, Vasquez would be great but unfortunately, this year we are not that team.

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