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Kings not the worst team in the league, according to SB Nation's NBA power rankings

You think the Kings are bad? Meet the Jazz.

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

The Sacramento Kings, now 1-5, are not the worst team in the league, claims NBA power rankings maven Jason Patt.

The Jazz are ... how shall I put this nicely ... really terrible. Four games this week, four losses by a total of 74 points. Ouch.

No, really: the Jazz are awful. Utah is 0-7 and has lost by an average of 13 points. Five of the team's seven games have been on the road, though; the Kings have spent four of their six games at home, including three losses. The Kings' average margin is -7.8 points per game. They are somewhat competitive!

The question in the West standings is whether Phoenix will eventually fall down below the Jazz and Kings, and whether can shape up enough to compete with teams like the Lakers, Mavericks and Pelicans. The Jazz? No. They are not going anywhere.

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