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Sactown Royalty Night I at Sleep Train Arena: Cover-Your-Ears!

The deets on StR's first game of the year.

Nelson Muntz will be at StR I - how about you?
Nelson Muntz will be at StR I - how about you?

Friday, November 15, 2013. The convergence of the Kings, a national telecast, Sactown Royalty, and pay day. It should make for an epic evening. Come early, stay late, be loud and be proud. Boo/cheer as your heart desires (but you should know that booing does not register on the decibel meter - it's a scientific fact!).

And now some housekeeping as it pertains to the post-game photo, direct from the Kings: "Anybody who wants to participate in the post-game photo will first need to visit "Redemption Central", which is a table located on the concourse at Section 104.  It is important that they swing by Redemption Central prior to the end of halftime to claim a wristband.  Possessing a wristband is the only way to gain access to the court after the game for the photo.  In order to be on the wristband list, their ticket purchase MUST have been made through the ticket link.  Immediately following the final buzzer, anybody with a wristband should traverse to Section 118 and take a seat while we coordinate the post-game activities.  There will be a lot going on so members should be patient while we assist other groups with their events leading up to the StR photo."

Regarding the photo, we will be joined by members of the Kings' organization, but at this time we do not know the exact names. Vivek? Chris Mullin? The cotton candy vendor from section 217? Your guess is as good as mine.

We are also working on a subsequent meet and greet that will tie to this and our upcoming StR II night at a later date. The challenge is that we can't set up a true meet and greet on game day with any of the players or coaches (they have some lame excuse about getting ready for a game or something - sheesh). What we are shooting for is a true opportunity for StR members to meet with a member of the Kings in something more than a thirty second rush job.

Be sure to share your tailgating plans in the thread (I think that the parking lots usually open at 5 PM but don't quote me on that). Also, if you have suggestions for the future meet and greet, toss those out in the thread as well. My short list includes coach Malone, Jerry Reynolds and Isaiah Thomas (hey, it's not a short list without Isaiah, amiright? Right? Right???).

We look forward to seeing all of you on Friday night. And if you see a guy wearing a "Hawes Hawes" shirt, please come up and say hello.