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Kings Links: It's Marcus Thornton's world, we're just trudging through it

Links from the afterglow.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

PopcornMachine Gameflow | B-Ref advanced box score

Sacramento Bee: Thornton's big night helps Kings
When he plays well, it's exceedingly easy to root for Marcus Thornton. So I'm really glad he played so well against the Nets. It's worth noting that Michael Malone likes Thornton in this role and compares him to Vinnie "The Microwave" Johnson, so Ben McLemore might be the permanent starter at two-guard now.

Cowbell Kingdom: Thornton breaks out of his slump
Jon Santiago's gamer focuses on the Bayou Bomber.

Sacramento Bee: Postgame notes
Malone raves about the defense.

NetsDaily: Nets lose again on the road
By the by, NetsDaily does a fantastic job covering the team.

IGN Live: NBA 2K14 gameplay demo
Fippin sent this along. It's pretty random and weird. So at the 24-minute mark or so, one of the game reviewers randomly shouts out Sactown Royalty, saying he read the blog every day during the relocation saga. Was this thing just like a sporty telenovella for the rest of the world? And does that mean we can write a musical based on it? ... Wait a second ... <grabs the Biegler phone> A night at the 'Convention' Parker outplays Wiggins
Ricky O'Donnell (first link) gives a dose of the freshman battle royale from Chicago on Tuesday night. In the second piece, Jonathan Tjarks does an early comparison of Duke's Jabari Parker and Kansas' Andrew Wiggins. Both pieces are well worth reading. Sixers, Suns must stay the course
Interesting piece by Mark Deeks on the plight of oddly successive tankers.

Grantland: A look at good, bad and bewildering NBA rotations
The very good Jim Cavan with a fun look at some of the most interesting rotations in the league so far.