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Kings considering potential Iman Shumpert trade, according to report

Iman Shumpert is on the block. The Kings are reported to be interested.

Jeremy Brevard-US PRESSWIRE

Iman Shumpert will apparently get traded at some point this season by the Knicks, because Knicks gon' Knick. Here's's Marc Stein on the Sacramento Kings connection:

Word is that the Nuggets do have a level interest -- just not if the Knicks keep asking them to part with Kenneth Faried in exchange -- while Sacramento is also said to be gauging how Shumpert might fit in.

As is obvious from the Faried interest, the Knicks need size. The Kings have Patrick Patterson (a stretch four on what is basically a one-year deal) and Jason Thompson (two years and $15 million guaranteed after this season, plus a trade kicker) healthy and tradable. The Kings also, of course, have a glut of shooting guards, with Jimmer Fredette stuck out of the rotation. Swapping a rotation big man for another guard would be weird unless the team thinks it can flip Fredette and Marcus Thornton or unless the team thinks Shump is a star on the rise.

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