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Sactown Royalty at Sleep Train Arena, part deux: The return of Tyreke Evans

StR night #2, everyone. Let's see if we can help put a great big lump of coal in the Pelicans' stockings.

"Attend this game, or I will enter your dreams and I will never leave."
"Attend this game, or I will enter your dreams and I will never leave."
Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sport

On the heels of Sactown Royalty's huge November 15 success (over 1,000 tickets sold on a night that the record for loudest indoor arena was set), we introduce tickets for StR at STA II versus the New Orleans Pelicans on Monday, December 23, 2013.

This game has a lot to offer. It will be Tyreke Evans' first game at Sleep Train as a non-King. The Pelicans feature rising star Anthony Davis and local product-made-good Ryan Anderson. It's our "holiday" game (yes, Jrue Holiday will be there, too!), so those folks that are coming home for the holidays will be able to attend.

We're still working out the dynamics of the additional "perk" for this game once we achieve at least 100 tickets sold, but we think that it will be a meet and greet with someone in the Kings organization on a non-game day (sorry that we're being so non-specific here, but we'll pass along details as we obtain them).

The tickets for this event begin in section 213, row k. That's upstairs, less than halfway up, side-court view. For the money, they are among the best seats in the house. And the special pricing for this game is $20. Wowsers. Get 'em while they're hot. At that price and based on StR I, they are likely to go fast.

Here is the special link. The password is "str." Once again, thanks to the Kings and super sales representative Michael Peyton for helping to coordinate this special purchase opportunity.