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Sacramento Kings Player Power Rankings: Travis Outlaw continues to rise

Travis Outlaw is making a real case for being Sacramento's best Small Forward

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A quick caveat as we enter this week's power rankings; I'm behind on this week's games, and haven't watched any of the second game against the Suns. I generally try to watch all the games before writing the power rankings, but for this week it didn't happen. As a result, I may be more wrong than usual. Let me know what I screwed up in the comments below.

1. DeMarcus Cousins (Last week: 1)

It's not looking like Cousins will be giving up this spot anytime soon. While Isaiah continues to nip as Cousins' heels, DeMarcus is playing fantastic basketball right now. Cousins gets extra points in my book for gutting it out through a dislocated shoulder in the first game against Phoenix, and then fighting through the pain to play the second part of a back-to-back.

2. Isaiah Thomas (Last week: 2)

Isaiah is also pretty entrenched in his spot in the rankings. Thomas leads the NBA in bench scoring, and is the best player on the floor for the Kings on a regular basis. He's thriving in his role, he's receiving consistent minutes, and he's a leader on the floor in terms of energy and passion.

3. Greivis Vasquez (Last week: 3)

Vasquez and Isaiah have paired better than even the most optimistic of us might have hoped. They work well together on the floor, and between the two of them, point guard is suddenly a consistent bright spot for the Kings.

4. Ben McLemore (Last week: 4)

McLemore seems to be settling into his starter role a bit more this week. Initially it seemed that McLemore was forcing things, rather than allowing the game to come to him. It's normal to expect a period of adjustment, and we're seeing him grow more comfortable. McLemore is a prime candidate to challenge Vasquez for that number three spot in the coming weeks.

5. Travis Outlaw (Last week: 8)

I'm very happy with how Outlaw has found his game again. He had a great outing in an otherwise ugly game against the Grizzlies. He's shooting better than he ever has in his Kings tenure. The biggest thing I can't figure out is why his minutes are still so limited.

6. Luc Richard Mbah a Moute (Last week: 11)

The Fresh Prince seems to be healthy, and is getting a siginificant chuck of minutes. The defense is solid, and he's even chipped in a little on the offensive end. His addition into the starting line-up has been a positive.

7. Marcus Thornton (Last week: 5)

Last week it seemed like Thornton was getting it. He was contributing well off the bench, and had just dropped 24 points against the Nets. This week, Thornton had two mediocre games, followed by two DNP-CDs. Very difficult to place Thornton, but if he doesn't see the floor, he'll slide down these rankings quickly.

8. Jimmer Fredette (Last week: 10)

Jimmer finally saw the floor this week, but failed to really stand out. I give Jimmer some credit for not forcing the action as much in the second Phoenix game. Perhaps with consistent opportunity Jimmer can secure his role as the back-up shooting guard, but he could still go either direction in these ranks.

9. Jason Thompson (Last week: 6)

I'm not really sure what's been going on with JT. He's our least-bad power forward, but neither Thompson nor Patterson have seized the starting role. JT has won it by default at this point. Here's hoping it gets better.

10. Patrick Patterson (Last week: 7)

Patterson has been better off the bench than he was as a starter, but his shot still isn't falling. And despite the shot not falling, he's still putting up shots at a regular clip. I want Patterson to be better than he's been, but he keeps letting me down.

11. Chuck Hayes (Last week: 9)

Chuck Hayes continues to be moderately effective in limited minutes. As much as I like Hayes, I can't put him any higher than this.

12. Hamady N'Diaye (Last week: 12)

N'Diaye has been ok in limited minutes, but his time in games serves mostly to highlight how badly the Kings need better depth at center.

13. John Salmons (Last week: 13)

Salmons shot 30 percent from the field this week. That didn't stop him from taking 23 shots over the course of three games (in the first Phoenix game Salmons played under 7 minutes and didn't take a shot, it was his best game of the week in my opinion).


Not ranked: Ray McCallum, Carl Landry

Not going to rank these guys until they get into a game.


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