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Derrick Williams is a small forward (says Pete D'Alessandro) plus more Kings trade reaction

Here's a roundup of non-StR coverage of the trade heard 'round the world.

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A major point of debate around Sactown Royalty since the Kings traded for Derrick Williams has been a response to the standard early thread joke: but can he play small forward? Let's ask Pete D'Alessandro.

"There are people who think he's a four, I get it," D'Alessandro said. "But I don't want to be locked into positions. I want athletes, I want guys who can play a role and what we need them to do, and I think Derrick can do that."

Some of us will put faith in Pete D. Some of us will chuckle at memories of the Tyreke Evans positional debates. Some of us will mash our keyboards in disgust. But this is where we're at: at least for now, it looks like Williams will get his first opportunity at the three. If he starts, the Kings -- with Williams and Ben McLemore -- will instantly have one of the most athletic wing duos in the league. (And the least athletic everything else until Isaiah Thomas enters the game. Man, I.T.-Ben-Williams is a heckuvan athletic perimeter.)

Here's some more non-StR coverage of the trade. Big thanks to Akis for compiling all of this.

* News10's interviews with Pete D., Michael Malone and Isaiah Thomas.

* News10's interview with Derrick Williams.

* Sam Amick's USA Today chat with Pete D. Money quote:

Vivek Ranadive is a person who is about opportunity, right? He gave a first-time coach in Michael Malone an opportunity, and a first-time GM an opportunity. We're an opportunity organization, and we see this as an opportunity for him to have a fresh start as well. And I feel like it's such a positive organization as a result of ownership and where it comes from. It's such a positive-minded place that if there's a place for people to achieve, I think this is fertile ground for that.

"We're an opportunity organization." Awesome.

* Cowbell Kingdom chats with our old friend and Wolves fan Zach Harper.

* Minnesota blog A Wolf Among Wolves breaks down the trade.

* Ball Don't Lie's Kelly Dwyer thinks the Wolves could have gotten more for Williams.

* On a slightly different bent, Canis Hoopus looks at what Luc Mbah a Moute offers Minnesota.

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