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Kings vs. Hawks preview: Revenge of Sacramento!

The Kings will totally win this ... right?

Kevin C. Cox

Kings! Hawks! Let's preview.


There is no chance a Tuesday night November game against a nondescript Eastern Conference team is going to sell out right now. So get that out of your mind and please don't complain about it. As Chris Granger says: it's a process. We'll get there.


Three facts about the Atlanta Hawks.

1. Jeff Teague is really playing well! He's averaging 18-8 this season. He's not shooting well, however. Watch out for him!

2. Paul Millsap and Al Horford are a nasty little combo. I might rank it as one of the best frontcourts in the East.

3. The Hawks on the road are totally beatable. They lost to the Lakers. The Lakers.


DeMarcus Cousins vs. Al Horford.

Yes, Cousins seems to feature in the MOTG every time. Don't blame me. Horford is an excellent defender, but is also noticeably smaller than Cousins. On the other end, Horford is a deft shooter, which will force Cousins to chase him out and may allow Millsap and other Hawks to do damage on the offensive glass. The alternate is to have Patrick Patterson cover Horford, which is a pretty frightening proposition.


Ka-kaw! Welcome, Hawks.
Hope it's a lovely visit.
However, please lose.


Kings 98, Hawks 87.

Go Kings!

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