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Kings Links: Breaking DeMarcus Cousins' habit, improving customer service and more

Kings links!

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Sacramento Bee: Kings taking their time with Vasquez
More on Greivis Vasquez's struggles. Michael Malone seems to be most concerned with his defense.

Sacramento Bee: Long lines, customer service a 'work in progress' at Kings games
Chris Granger comments on the long lines some fans have been complaining about. I'm not sure the Kings will be much better on the court at any point this season. But I'm confident the franchise will fix this issue.

Cowbell Kingdom: Can the Kings practice agitating Boogie?
Interesting thought on how to potentially break DeMarcus Cousins' habit of getting too pissed to function.

Cowbell Kingdom: Podcast with CSN Northwest's Chris Haynes

Grantland: Checking in the The Triangle All-Stars
My old buddy Andrew Sharp puts it so well:

Good or bad, life with Boogie is always an adventure.


Blazer's Edge: Early trends, good, bad and otherwise
Blazer's Edge: Kings preview
A neat look at Portland's first four games plus a preview as we step into a back-to-back with them. Sleeved jerseys for Christmas
Yikesville. Would any of you buy a sleeved Kings jersey? Over the Edge
A gorgeous piece of writing on BASE jumping at the New River Gorge Bridge in West Virginia with some amazing photography. Never ever ever ever ever. Ever.