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We've got new guys, they need nicknames!

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Jerry called us out. Now we need to step up.

'Cuz this is Thriller!
'Cuz this is Thriller!
Kevin Fippin with the photoshop

Jerry Reynolds was on KHTK yesterday talking Kings basketball, and the subject of nicknames came up.  He mentioned how he gets a lot of nicknames from Sactown Royalty but that we (and I quote) have "failed him miserably" this year.

This cannot stand.

Well, with trades comes new opportunity.  Sacramento has four fresh new faces, all acquired within the last few weeks: Derrick Williams, Rudy Gay, Quincy Acy and Aaron Gray.  They need nicknames.  This is where you all come in.  In the thread below, add your favorite potential nicknames, Jerry-isms, etc.  This is the site where the "Brock Ness Monster" became a T-Shirt, where "the Hustlin' Husky" was born and the "Bayou Bomber" took off.  If you create a good enough nickname, you could hear it used by Jerry on the air for years to come.

Before I hand it over to you fine gents, let me start us off with a Derrick Williams nickname of my own creation.  After last night's game, I posted on Twitter: "More like Derrick Thrilliams".   Josh Gold responded:

From there, Derrick Thrilliams evolved to the simple "Thriller".  I've also heard "D-Thrill" mentioned, which is great.  On every dunk we could play Vincent Price's laugh or the first few bars of Thriller.

Feel free to come up with new nicknames for old Kings too! Travis Outlaw could use a good moniker now that he's actually playing well.  Make Jerry proud!

NOTE: Creating homophobic riffs on Rudy Gay's last name will not be tolerated.  It's not funny, and you will be banned from posting.