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Kings vs. Jazz preview: The debut of Rudy Gay

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The new-look Kings will debut on Wednesday with Rudy Gay and friends joining the crew.

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The streaking Sacramento Kings are back in action! Huzzah! Rudy Gay will play as the Kings host the Utah Jazz, looking for a third straight win. Aaron Gray will likely also play, and it's conceivable that Quincy Acy could get a look. Of course, Isaiah Thomas and DeMarcus Cousins will also play, which instantly makes the game worth watching.


DeMarcus Cousins vs. Enes Kanter.

Cousins got in some foul trouble in the first half on Saturday, then destroyed Kanter in the second half. Like, it was a horror flick and Cousins was the killer and Kanter was the door protecting the nubile victim. Just simply destroyed. So, uh, I'd like to see that happen again. Derrick Favors might be back in action, which would give Utah a fighting chance in the middle.


1. How many shots will Gay take, and what type of shots will they be? My hope is "around 10" and "assisted threes, run-outs, and layups." We'll see. He doesn't need to take tough mid-range shots in Sacramento: there are some creative options on the floor, unless he's playing only with reserves. (I don't really ever want to see Gay and Marcus Thornton on the court together without Cousins or Isaiah, for instance. Actually, I don't think I want to see Gay on the court without either Cousins or Isaiah at all.)

2. Will Isaiah stay really aggressive early? Before Monday, I.T. had been struggling to get going in the first half all season. He was crazy aggressive in the first quarter Monday. Was that just a response to becoming the starter, or is this what Starter Isaiah will be? (And yes, I know Isaiah started a lot in the past two seasons. But this is a new coach, new system and new Boogie Man he's dealing with.)

3. Can the Kings defend Gordon Hayward well? He's the No. 1, 2 and 3 threat for Utah. The Kings have galvanized their wings. Please don't let him go off!


Here's the group with the leaderboard. Still about 30something folks ahead of me and eligible for the drawing ... IF I DON'T CRUSH THEM. Unfortunately, it seems as though Start Four has lagged in updating rosters. I'd advise you to not pick Greivis Vasquez!


Welcome to Sactown,
Rudy, Quincy and Aaron.
Now go win some games!


Kings 110, Jazz 95.