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Mrs. Fredette, Can Jimmer Come Out And Play?

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Remember shooting hoops on the driveway with your friends? Dribbling the ball around the concrete, avoiding your Dad's car, counting down the shot clock in your head, and pretending to hit the game winning shot over your favorite NBA players? Well a couple of insanely brave kids in Sacramento figured out a way to make it happen for real.

It's probably awesome enough living down the street from the former NCAA Player of the Year and Sacramento Kings shooting guard… but imagine the bragging rights you'd have on the playground if you could say, "The Jimmer came over to play!!" For these 4 kids, all it took was a simple knock on the door to ask Jimmer Fredette if he wanted to come shoot around. Jimmer is apparently the coolest guy in the world because not only did he say yes, but he stuck around for about an hour playing Around the World and 21!

Our friends over and News 10 talked to the kids about their memorable shootaround session. Watch the video and try not to smile.

I dunno about you guys but love stories like these. Well done J Bones!

If you ever want to come over and play Halo I've got an extra controller for you.

P.S. I'm trying to make J Bones happen… no?