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The Kings' Sign Lady is in the Fan Hall of Fame

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The queen of Sacramento is in ESPN's Fan Hall of Fame thanks to your votes.

Jed Jacobsohn

It's official: Barbara Rust, aka Sign Lady, is in ESPN's Fan Hall of Fame. She was named one of three inductees in the 2013 class, and she'll be honored at ESPN's Bristol campus.

She received more than 85,000 votes, according to the ESPN press release. Congratulations to the Rusts for an awesome achievement. It's good to see the nation recognize what we have for a long time.

Here's Niko Rust, aka Mr. Sign Lady, after the announcement.

Be sure to check out Fippin's eloquent post on the Rusts from October, if you missed it.

UPDATE: Here's a message to Kings fans from Sign Lady herself:

I'm very proud that Sacramento Kings Fans have once again been recognized for the passion, loyalty, and LOVE we feel for our team and our great city.

Because it was my fellow fans who nominated and "got out the vote" for me, the honor of being selected to the ESPN Fan Hall of Fame is one I share with EVERY Sacramento Kings fan around the world.

I continue to be amazed by the strength and unity of our extended Family which includes: Fans, all former and current Kings players, Kings employees, Sacramento Media, Mayor Johnson and other City Officials, and our wonderful new ownership group.

Just look at what our Kings Family has recently accomplished:

1) We kept our team in Sacramento.

2) We set a record for the loudest indoor crowd roar.

3) We voted one of our own into the ESPN Fan Hall of Fame.

I have often been called the "face of the fans" and I accept that as a huge compliment because I see myself as representing ALL OF YOU! Although we express ourselves as fans in different ways, we all have the same goal, to support our team through thick and thin. We've had our ups and downs, but we're still here and our spirits have never been broken!

I'm very grateful for your support, prayers and good wishes especially the past few months. The "Love For Sign Lady" has meant so much to me and my family in my journey of healing from cancer. Every Kings game is medicine for me.

I do have one request. Let's focus our attention now on voting Sacramento Kings players into the NBA All-Star Game.

Thanks for making this holiday season a very special one.



Barbara Rust

"Sign Lady"