Fresh off licking our wounds from "the saga" there is now another team about to face similar hurtles. I post this here to bring awareness and support for the Milwaukee Bucks fans and the unknown future that they face.

With recent news that Herb Kohl is now looking for possible new investors to help build a new arena for his beloved Bucks, I can't but to flashback to our own struggles and want to help. Milwuakee is now striding towards a clamity not unlike our own Kings. I empathize with them, want to bring awareness to them, and support them. I'm starting here by posting some links to their cause in case you feel so inclined to follow their upcoming "saga" and feel the need to help.

I don't want to talk about potential vultures circling because that gets the Bucks nowhere and just creates negativity. It is, again, time to think and act positively.

I know this is a Kings site devoted to Kings issues, but I can't imagine most of us don't care enough to what happens to another devoted NBA fanbase about to struggle as much as we may have.

Twitter - @SaveOurBucks

Website -

Just so you know...they've been watching and learning and can use all they help they can get.

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