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What will be the Kings' next trade?

The Kings have been active early and often in the trade market. As the trade season hits its stride, what else might the Kings have in store?

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Today around SB Nation we're examining trades, because who doesn't like to talk trades?

The Sacramento Kings have been aggressive in trades to start this season. The Kings traded away Luc Mbah a Moute for Derrick Williams, followed by a 7-player trade with the Toronto Raptors centered around the Kings acquiring Rudy Gay. While the Kings have been active early, the trade season is generally considered to start after December 15th. As of that date, as Akis outlined previously, teams can trade players who were acquired this past offseason. More players eligible to be traded generally makes it easier for teams to put together packages.

Are the Kings Buyers or Sellers?

For the first time in a long time, the Kings are buyers in every sense. The front office is clearly looking to improve the talent level of this team. And unlike the past regime, the current ownership group is willing to spend (which is generally a requirement when buying anything).

The one gift Geoff Petrie gave us is that the Kings won't be selling a first rounder to acquire any talent. Aside from that, pretty much anyone on the roster seems to be available with the exception of DeMarcus Cousins. It seems unlikely the Kings would part with Isaiah Thomas or Ben McLemore either.

What positions are the Kings looking to improve?

It seems like the Kings would still like to upgrade at the power forward position. Jason Thompson has been rumored as the next players the Kings are looking to move. I think the team would kill for a short-term upgrade at shooting guard to take some pressure off McLemore. But as odd as it may sound, the team's biggest need right now is depth. The Kings bench is woefully ineffective right now.

What specific players should the Kings target?

I know a lot of Kings fans want to see Sacramento go after Omer Asik. While the Rockets are looking to move Asik, and will likely make a move soon, I personally don't think he's heading to Sacramento. The Kings could always be a facilitating team, taking on expiring contracts or draft picks.

As for other targets, only Pete D'Alessandro knows for sure. The Derrick Williams trade and the Rudy Gay trade seemed to come out of nowhere. A lot of folks would have said there was no way the Kings would take on a salary like Gay's, but after that trade I'm hesitant to put any limits on what might happen.

What specifics trades would you like to see?

I'm posing this question to you. I'm not a maestro with the trade machine like some of you folks. Speaking of which, please make sure that any trade you come up with actually works. Otherwise it's a silly waste of everyone's time. Unlike other hypothetical trades which are a worthwhile endeavor that you should spend considerable time discussing below.