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Kings vs. Heat Fan Predictions

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It's Prediction Time!


Link to The Leaderboard

Below are a series of prediction questions for tonight's game. The first four questions will be asked every game, while the 5th will change each game.

Point value for predictions are listed next to the questions. If you believe that more than one player will lead a category, you can vote for multiple players, and this is worth double points if you are correct, but zero if you are wrong. Alternately, if you only guess one player when multiple players are tied, you get zero points.

All submissions must be input before tip-off. Any submissions after tip-off will not count. You are allowed only one submission and may not change unless specifically stated.


(As of 12:15 PM Pacific Time, the comment system is still unavailable.  As such, I'm making the executive decision to cancel today's Prediction contest.  To make up for it, the next five games will have a 6th question)