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Kings vs. Spurs preview: Another shocker in store?

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The Kings stunned the Heat on Friday. Can they do it again in San Antonio?

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The Kings got a (second) signature home win on Friday against the Heat. (Win over Houston counts, too.) Is a signature road win in store on Sunday? (I don't count the win in Phoenix due to the Bledsoe injury.) The Kings are in San Antonio to face the Spurs (4 p.m. Pacific, Comcast SportsNet). Let's preview.


The Spurs are 0-7 against what most would consider some of the top teams in the league: the Thunder, Pacers, Clippers, Rockets and Blazers. (They haven't played the Heat.) They are 23-0 against everyone else. This team does not lose against bad teams.


Isaiah Thomas vs. Tony Parker

The brilliant, quick Parker will be a nice test for Thomas, though I forever fear pick and roll defense against Parker-Tim Duncan. On the other end, Isaiah has a chance to keep Parker on his heels and punish him with the long ball. I love watching quick-on-quick battles, and this is one of the better ones out there.


1. Defense! Was Sacramento's good defensive effort for three quarters plus overtime on Friday a fluke of poor shooting by Miami, or something real to build on? For what it's worth, San Antonio is No. 9 in the NBA in offense this season.

2. Duncan rolling to the rim. This is not where DeMarcus Cousins is at his best defensively. To say the least. It could get ugly.

3. Closing out on shooters. I thought the Kings defended the three-point line well on Friday; that will need to continue, as S.A. is No. 3 in three-point percentage.


Penultimate game of December. There are currently 58 folks ahead of me. I aim to trim that down today. Trash talk!


After a huge win,
will the Kings keep momentum
or hit a brick wall?


I predict basketball.